The Impact of Pornography

The internet has transformed the way in which pornography is accessed. Today’s pornography is often violent, graphic and portrays distorted gender roles. Children and young people with access to the internet on any device – at home, at a friend’s place, at school or in any of our community spaces with Wi-Fi – are at risk of exposure. It’s now not a matter of ‘if’ a child will see pornography but ‘when’. 

Children and young people’s exposure to pornography is becoming a globally recognised public health crisis.

While pornography is not new, the nature and accessibility of today’s pornography has changed. There is a growing body of research showing that pornography is harming our children.

Pornography can be a sensitive topic and a difficult conversation to start for parents, carers, educators and other professionals. Our workshops provide up-to-date information, practical strategies and conversation starters to help you talk to children and young people about pornography and other sexual imagery.


* Children and young people’s access to p0rnography in the digital age.

* The nature of today’s p0rnography.

* The effect of p0rnography on the developing brain and behaviour.

* How p0rnography can distort young people’s views about sex, sexuality, and relationships.

* P0rnography addiction in children and young people.

* Helpful resources and support.

Parent Workshop
Workshop Cost (2.5 hours): $500.00 + GST

Professional Development Workshop
Workshop Cost (2.5 hours): $500.00 + GST
Workshop Cost (Full Day): $1450.00 + GST

Secondary Student Workshops
Please refer to our Abuse Prevention Education for Secondary Schools flyer for more information, including workshop costs. 

Read what our clients have to say about our workshops.

Parent Workshop

“Fantastic and very useful information.”
“So important for parents to understand how much pornography has changes since they were adolescents themselves. I did not realise the harm it could do to your children.”

Secondary Students

“The best talk given at our school.”
“It was good to hear about these topics from an adult in a non – awkward atmosphere.”
“Very informative and professional. Lots of useful content and advice. A good use of my time and gave me some food for thought.”
“I loved this talk and found it very informative. I would definitely recommend all schools to have a talk like this one.”


Pornography and Explicit Sexual Imagery Information and Resources

Sexual Health and Development Resources and Information

eChildhood - Reducing the harmful effects of pornography