Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours is a personal safety program that teaches children skills and strategies to recognise and respond to a range of unsafe situations.  The program is applicable in contexts including child abuse, family violence, and bullying.  Protective Behaviours is underpinned by two core themes:

We all have the right to be safe and feel safe at all times.

We can talk with someone about anything, no matter what it is.

The key learning areas of the WACSS Protective Behaviours program are:

  • Theme 1 ‘We all have the right to be safe and feel safe at all times’ and Feelings
  • (Early) Warning Signs
  • Safety Check
  • Theme 2 ‘We can talk with someone about anything, no matter what it is’ and Networks
  • Safe and Unsafe Secrets
  • Persistence
  • Body Safety
  • Public and Private
  • Personal Space and Consent
  • The Right to Say ‘No’

Staff workshops are available face-to-face and online, offering participants the fundamental background knowledge and skills to teach Protective Behaviours to children.  WA Child Safety Services is an expert in the sector and a selected provider of Protective Behaviours Professional Learning for Department of Education staff across the state.

Workshop content includes:

  • An overview of child abuse and neglect in Australia
  • Protective Behaviours learning areas (including teaching activities)
  • Comprehensive Learner Guide and Certificate for CPD purposes

WA Child Safety Services provides Protective Behaviours for secondary students through our Teen Talk program. 

For further information and pricing, download our brochure.

WACSS’ Principal Trainer, Justine O’Malley is one of WA’s pioneers in Protective Behaviours training and served for 16 years on the board of Protective Behaviours Australia and 18 years at Protective Behaviours WA.

Justine has taught Protective Behaviours to children, young people, parents and professionals across Australia and internationally. Justine is the author of Jasmine’s Butterflies and Michael’s Bubbles, two popular Protective Behaviours storybooks and has been the editor of a number of Protective Behaviours resources, including primary school lesson plans for the Department of Education.

Justine is pictured here with Michael’s Bubbles and Jasmine’s Butterflies Illustrator Carey Lawrence.

To purchase these and many other Protective Behaviours books and resources please visit our Online Shop.

Read what our clients say about our workshops: 

 “Excellent content! Very real and interactive, eye opening and informative – EVERYONE should do this!”

“Incredibly knowledgeable presenter who gave real life strategies and techniques. She was passionate and receptive and happy to answer questions.”

“Brilliant! Best PD I’ve been to for a while! So well presented and such good info. Thank you!”

Enthusiastic presenter. Excellent knowledge and skill in area that made the information relevant and interesting. Needs to be publicised, more parents, teachers, nurses, doctors need better knowledge and understanding of how to educate in Protective Behaviours.”

“Fantastic workshop took away lots of things to use in my professional and private life.”

“Amazing, inspiring, interesting, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable. So informative, useful and so incredibly relevant. Really enjoyable to listen to. Loved all the resources and take away ideas to implement right away.“

“Excellent facilitator – very passionate and knowledgeable. Provides a good summary of background/reasoning, as well as how to teach PB to children in an appropriate way.”